Jalal al-Din Mingbarni

Jalal al-Din Mingbarni

Historical dictionary of Medieval India. . 2011.

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  • Mingbarni, Jalal al-Din — (? 1231)    The son of Ala al Din Khwarazm Shah. He was posted at Ghazni at the time Chingez Khan overran Khwarazmi territory up to Herat. In 1221, Jalal al Din Ming barni vacated Ghazni and moved toward the Indus River with the idea of seeking… …   Historical dictionary of Medieval India

  • Mongols —    A Mongol (Tartar of European parlance) horde first ap peared in India when Chingez Khan came up to the western bank of the Indus River in pursuit of Jalal al Din Mingbarni in 1221. After the Mongols had established their control in Central… …   Historical dictionary of Medieval India

  • Chingez Khan — (1155 1227)    Chief of the nomadic Mongol tribes of the Gobi Desert initially known as Tamujin. He became famous as Chingez (Genghis) Khan after he had established his sovereignty over a large area and many tribes. Pursuing the Khwarazmi prince… …   Historical dictionary of Medieval India

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